Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing is different from other marketing strategies like Strategic Digital Marketing, Behavioral Marketing or Content Marketing. It is a way of advertising your company and services and gain attention from audiences on Social Networking sites like Facebook and twitter. They establish a direct 1-on-1 way of connecting with your audience . Social media has ton of advantages. It is what most of the people use everyday and if your brand is visible to them on a website they visit everyday, it will increase your brand recognition, Brand loyalty and provide you with more opportunities to convert leads into clients.
A recent survey shows that 77% of B2C companies acquire customers from Facebook alone.


Choosing SMM will help you in the following ways :


Social Media Marketing is interlinked with Search Engine Optimization. If your company is socially active on the right social media sites, there are better chances that your company will show up first on the search results.


Social Media Marketing will help you provide latest news, offers and products to your customers all at one place with the help of dedicated Social Media Posts.


Social Media Marketing will help you in having a social outreach to new customers with the help of campaigns. It is a great way of putting your product/services in front of the customers.


Social Media Marketing is a cost-effective way which is really beneficial for companies that are on a tight marketing budget.


Social Media adds an extra dimension for the customers to voice their opinions and concerns about the service you are providing. This helps you in providing excellent and effective customer service. Further, these opinions on your social media page will be seen by all of the other customers that are following your business. This reassures them that you are a responsive business that cares about customer service.


Our SMM package will help you set up Social Accounts on all the major Social Networking sites and gain brand recognition as well as engage customers in campaigns which will increase your overall brand value.


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