Strategies to reduce click fraud in your Adwords account

IP Address Level: Use 3rd party software to detect click fraud and automatically block the ip address. Location Level: Check the pin code locations from where the clicks are more and identify the locations involved in click fraud. Exclude these locations so that the clicks are genuine. Keyword level: Identify the particular keywords which are … Continue reading “Strategies to reduce click fraud in your Adwords account”

Facebook Launches Hyperlocal Service in India

Facebook Hyperlocal Services: Facebook has started testing Hyperlocal Services in India. Here’s a brief explanation about Hyperlocal Services in India and why it should matter to you: Hyperlocal Services are Facebook’s way of helping people discover local services such as Spas and Salons, Technicians, Plumbers, Event planners, Phone Repair Services, Electronic Appliance Services etc. It is based on … Continue reading “Facebook Launches Hyperlocal Service in India”

What is Social Media Marketing? Social Media Marketing 101.

Social Media Marketing (SMM): Social Media Marketing (SMM) is different from other digital marketing strategies like Strategic Digital Marketing (SDM), Behavioural Marketing And Content Marketing. Let’s break down Social Media Marketing for you:

Social Media Marketing is a Marketing strategy to gain attention or Website Traffic using Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. Note … Continue reading “What is Social Media Marketing? Social Media Marketing 101.”

Beginning with Android Development in Ubuntu

Hello Everyone , Follow the following step to Download and Install Both JDK (Java Development Kit ) and the Android Studio in your PC Step 1: To begin with Android Programming you have to download the Android Studio from following website Download Here Step 2: Once you download it . Extract the zip file.   … Continue reading “Beginning with Android Development in Ubuntu”

What is Strategic Digital Marketing ?

Strategic Digital Marketing means doing what is necessary to achieve companies marketing objective at that moment of time using various Digital Marketing Strategies such as SEO/SMM/PPC and other type of Marketing strategies keeping the budget in mind. Most of the People don’t know what exactly their respective Digital Marketing Agency is doing and are hoping … Continue reading “What is Strategic Digital Marketing ?”

What is Behavioural Digital Marketing?

I would like to make you understand about the Behavioural Marketing Strategy with a proper analogy . Consider you went to shop to buy a laptop . But as you know very well nowadays most of the shops are being replaced by websites . But, Do you think just opening a website would help you … Continue reading “What is Behavioural Digital Marketing?”

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing One would argue about the latest trends in Digital Marketing in the year 2016 but they can’t deny that Content Marketing will be the trend for many years to come. Here, I’m going to tell you different Content Marketing strategies to make you a better content writer.   I’m sure you have heard … Continue reading “What is Content Marketing?”

RoadRunnr Bangalore office was damaged by its delivery boys, as the new compensation structure cuts compensation by almost 50%.

Roadrunnr one of the fastest growing logistics startup has added to the troubles with the Indian startups.After the TinyOwl incident here is a incident where the employees of a upcoming startup broke out in its Bangalore office and completely damaged the office premises. On Saturday Night, Bangalore office was attacked and damaged by its angry … Continue reading “RoadRunnr Bangalore office was damaged by its delivery boys, as the new compensation structure cuts compensation by almost 50%.”